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Hello Everyone

I love movies and I love making them.

Born in Switzerland, I studied film in England. Whilst there I wrote and directed my first short films, Swapped and Come Closer, which toured the globe earning more than 20 international prizes, including a Swiss Academy Award for Best Short and a Boards nomination for film of the year.

Encouraged by this success, I started directing commercials in the UK, Switzerland, Germany and France for clients such as MTV, Stella Artois and Credit Suisse Banking.

Through my music video work I collaborated with major labels such as Warner, Sony and Universal for artists including Sliimy, Calogero and Grand Corps Malade.

Shortlisted at the Cannes Lions Festival, my commercial work is an ADC winner and my music videos have been nominated at the NRJ Music Awards.

In 2013, I completed my first feature film, the offbeat comedy feature Recycling Lily about a perfection-obsessed Bin Inspector who falls for the wrong girl. I then went to direct Anomalia, an 8 episodes TV Series starring Natacha R├ęgnier. In 2016, I made my first foray into documentary filmmaking for ARTE with the film Blood Business. Then came the crime series Wilder which has been called by the press “the best Swiss series ever made”. In 2019, I got back to documentary with the series One Year in the Wineyard.

My current projets include the second season of Wilder as well as my second feature film, Platzspitzbaby, both scheduled for a 2020 release.